Welcome to The Law Verse

Greetings from the heart of socio-legal initiatives, where knowledge meets impact – Law Verse, an endeavor of REXPRAESIDUM WELFARE FOUNDATION. Dive into a world where legal wisdom is not just an academic pursuit but a journey of empowerment and societal transformation.

About Law Verse:

Law Verse, under the aegis of REXPRAESIDUM WELFARE FOUNDATION, stands as a beacon in the legal landscape, fostering intellectual growth and community engagement. Our diverse range of events and initiatives reflect our commitment to holistic legal education and social responsibility.

Our Mission

At Law Verse, our mission is to reach and uplift as many lives as possible, blending legal aid with social impact. We strive to create a universe of empowered individuals, where the name “Law Verse” echoes the harmonious synergy between legal guidance and societal well-being. Through our initiatives, we aim to leave a lasting imprint on both the legal and social fabric, fostering positive change and empowerment in every community we touch.


Events that Define Us

  1. National Quiz Competitions: Law Verse has conducted 4 National Quiz Competitions.
  2. National Legal Workshops: Law Verse has conducted several National Workshop and Seminars including Cyber Law Workshop with Adv. Titiksha Srivastava, workshop on Judiciary with Former Judge Utkarsha Bartwal, Journey of law students to lawyers with Adv. Trupti Bhardi, Family Law session with Adv. Anagha Nimbkar, Business Law session with Ambari Pathwardhan, Economics in Law with Ankush Mishra and upcoming National Q&A session with Lt Col Amol Awate (Veteran), IAS.
  3. Internship Batches: Law Verse has conducted 3 online internship batches on various themes including Cyber Law, Family Law and Business Law.
  4. Serving Smiles: Law Verse conducted a social Drive “Serving Smiles” with KES’ Shri JP Law College where they collected and donated food items to needy people.